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Thank you for providing a reference for one of our applicants.  The safety of both our campers and volunteers is important to us and we appreciate your honest and confidential answers.

Need help or would rather speak to us in person? Contact us or call the church office and ask for assistance (519-245-2320).

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this reference.

HonestTrustworthyLoyaltyFriendlyTeam PlayerLeadershipPunctualHard Work EthicCreativityTech-savvyDramaMusicalAthleticHumourFlexibilityAttention to DetailsQuick LearnerPeople OrientatedTask OrientatedOther, please list:

At their best being the main leader taking responsibilityThey are capable to be the main leader but likely prefer not being the main leaderAt their best being a secondary, supportive role type leaderI do not know

All information collected is confidential.