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We want to assist as many families as possible – we do not want any child to miss a Bethel Camp for financial reasons – on the other hand, we only have a limited amount of funds available for assistance – our goal is to match up the needs and the resources as fairly as possible.

Please answer all the following questions before April 30 to request financial assistance.

The Financial Assistance Committee will, as soon as possible, make a decision and will contact everyone who applies. As funds are limited, we will assess needs on the last day of each month. Therefore, although you have until April 30, it is possible funds will no longer be available. Please apply asap. Please note: your elective choices (if applicable) will remain in sequence at the time of your application, not your approval date. A response is required within 5 days or before registration closes (whichever comes first) upon hearing from us in the form of registering your child(ren), along with your required payment.  An online coupon code will be provided to enable you to process your registration at the sponsored price.

We will do our best to provide assistance, but we cannot promise anything.

How much do you feel you can contribute towards the cost?

(Please note there are no full sponsorships available)

Household Income:

I hereby declare that all information is accurate and complete.

All information collected is confidential.